Meet Chris Torri: JH Audio Nashville Office Rep

Chris Torri @ ConsoleAs things continue to grow here at an exponential rate for JH Audio, we’ve expanded our reach and locations to better serve our customers. We thought it would be cool to take a few minutes and introduce Chris Torri, who runs our Nashville office to you. He’s been with JHAudio for a little over 6 months now and we’re really happy to have him on board! We did a little Q &A with Chris over email this week to share a little about him and the office he is managing for us.
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Tour Supply and JH Audio.. A Match Made in Heaven!

Tour Supply, Inc. and JH Audio Strategic Partnership
Effective immediately, Tour Supply, Inc. and JH Audio will be working together in a symbiotic capacity to better service their mutual customers. JH Audio will have a presence within Tour Supply New York (above SIR studios/ 25th St) and Tour Supply Nashville (within the Soundcheck rehearsal facility). This will include the addition of a JH Audio sales rep that will be based within these respective locations.
Being embedded within Tour Supply will allow JH Audio to more readily service the touring clientele of New York and Nashville. Tour Supply will increase sales of in-ear monitor systems and related accessories to JH Audio customers frequenting these locations. Jerry Harvey, founder of JH Audio and pioneer of in-ear audio, had this to say about the new partnership: “We’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to cover the main touring hubs of LA, New York, and Nashville. That being said, teaming up with Tour Supply made perfect sense. Not only are they within these cities, but also located at rehearsal facilities that directly cater to our industry. Along with our Los Angeles location at Center Staging, we now have all the principal markets covered. This was a no-brainer for us!”
Tour Supply CEO Lance Wascom was equally enthusiastic saying “Larry (Martin, CFO of Tour Supply) and I have been fans of Jerry’s work for many, many years. We have a great deal of respect for Jerry not just professionally, but on a personal level as well. The quality of products and level of service that he and Brittany (Harvey, CEO of JH Audio) provide is top notch. To partner with a company so well respected, that makes such amazing products, and that we have a long-standing relationship with is a win on so many levels!”
JH Audio will announce the new sales reps in New York and Nashville in the near future. Patrons of Tour Supply New York and Nashville will soon notice office space, listening stations, signage, and demo products dedicated promoting JH Audio.
Tour Supply, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Larry Martin and Lance Wascom. They provide expendables, pro audio, wireless systems, custom cases, playback rigs, musical instruments and accessories to the live music/ touring industry. Tour Supply has locations in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and St. Paul, MN as well as an additional location in Manchester, UK. Known as the “One Stop Shop for Touring Professionals”, Tour Supply is known for providing these goods and services in a very timely manner, specializing in next day delivery to venues and hotels. See more at
JH Audio was founded by Jerry Harvey, long time industry pioneer. While mixing monitors for Van Halen, Jerry designed and built his first 2-way, custom fit ear pieces for drummer, Alex Van Halen. The word soon began to spread and Jerry’s custom ear monitors became the industry standard. Today, JH Audio manufactures the best custom monitors for those who demand the best in both audio and comfort. Visit them at