Well it’s finally here! The time when sound nuts, audiophiles, aficionados, geeks, two-wires and whatever other term you can come up with from across the land (and from overseas) converge on Denver, Colorado for a weekend at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and sister meet CANJAM at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.

We are SOOOO excited this year! Why? Well for one, we get to see a lot of friends we only see at this meet. Second, we have a new booth and it’s schmexy!!! This past year has been amazing for all of us at JH Audio and we want to have a little fun at this years meet.

Starting on Friday afternoon, and throughout the weekend,  we will be hiding “Golden Tickets” like the one shown here around the event center. How to do find one of those illustrious Golden Tickets? Do you need to devour a years worth of chocolate in an hour? Eat an entire box of Twinkies in 5 min? (harder than you think) Leap over a tall building in a single bound? Get a JH Audio tattoo over the weekend? (well… this one is up for discussion).. nope! All you have to do is follow our Twitter (@JHAudio) and our Instagram (jhaudio) accounts and be at the event this weekend (sorry, this one is for attendees only). We will be posting a pic of an area where we hid a Golden Ticket on our Instagram and Twitter feeds. NOTE: inside and outside are fair game, but it will be on the grounds of the event. Be the first to find the ticket, bring it to our booth over in the CANJAM room and BAM! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Well, Ok..we’re not buying you dinner… BUT, you get a cool JH Audio t-shirt. There will be multiple chances each day to find a Golden Ticket, but let’s keep it to one win per person and give everyone a chance. Sometimes, it just has to be said. 😉

Oh and wait till you HEAR what’s new at CANJAM this year……. 😉