Backstage With JH Audio: Linkin Park

The Band: Linkin Park

The Event: Honda Civic Tour

The Gear: JH16 PRO

We caught up with Linkin Park and their crew while out on the Honda Civic Tour featuring Linkin Park, Incubus and MuteMath. First off…. what a KILLER line-up, so props to whomever put this show together. The production alone was a mind-boggeling display of lighting, video screens and pyro.. who doesn’t love PYRO!!!???

The guys played a great selection off
their new album “Living Things
and some of their long-time-crowd-pumping anthems like One Step Closer, to close out the show.

We had the opportunity to hang with their monitor engineer Kevin “Tater” McCarthy before the show and here is what he had to say about JH Audio, the products and level of service he and the band get while out on the road.

Make sure to check out Linkin Park’s latest album Living Things. The “Deluxe Version” features a few killer live tunes as well!!


Backstage with JH Audio: Daughtry

The Artist: Daughtry

The Event: Jim Beam Live Music Series

The Gear: JH7Pro

Whew! Jim Beam knows how to throw a concert. From support act Safetysuit to headliner Daughtry, the rock was brought and it was brought loud and hard! The venue probably had to have some ceiling tiles replaced after the show. Energy was the theme and Daughtry delivered.

The American Idol Season 5 4th place finisher has had many scratching their heads why he did not win, but he is also credited with blasting the door open for the ‘rockers’ on the show and there has been a steady increase of ‘rockers’ on the show. No, complaints here. I mean come on we have Steven Tyler as a judge now days!

Daughtry’s latest project, Break the Spell, is his best project to date for sure. It’s always fun to see an artist get better as they go along and not crash and burn after their Freshmen project. Give it a listen and if possible, make sure to catch his show in your area. We’re pretty sure you’ll be happy you did!

Daughtry and his band use the JH7Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor. The dual low, single high frequency setup gives you the sound you need without the “snap-crackle and pop” of distortion.