Backstage With JH Audio: Cam Beachley

Recently we got to catch up with monitor engineer/ninja, Cam Beachley, while out on the Carrie Underwood tour. Cam has been a mainstay at the monitor desk for several years. Just a few of his happy clients include; Peter Frampton, Keith Urban, Demi Lovato and for the entire length of her career, Carrie Underwood. Not a shabby resume!

Cam gave us a little feedback on his experience with JH Audio and some quick thoughts on the JH16 w/ freqphase technology.


More On Freqphase

When we announced freqphase a few weeks ago at the 2012 CANJAM in Denver, CO we knew it was going to garner some attention. It’s also brought up some questions, so we thought we would help clear some things up.

Freqphase is not just an “upgrade” to your current JH13, JH16 or JH16 w/3A monitors. It’s a totally new way of constructing the units. Yes, the drivers we are using are the same, but the way they are configured along with the shell itself are highly modified. While we cannot get into some of the specifics (think the secret family recipe for Bush’s Baked Beans), we can mention that the JH13 went from a dual bore to a triple bore configuration. The JH16 has stayed the same as a triple bore.

What is a “bore”, well it’s the tubes you see in the canal section of you monitor. Each of those tubes carry the sound from a predefined group of drivers to your ear. With going to a triple bore on the JH13 we were able to achieve the necessary improvements to make freqphase possible on that model.

What freqphase is not, is just pulling out your current drivers and slapping in the new configuration. This is the reason we are not offering an “upgrade service” on your current JH13, JH16 or JH16 w/3A. It’s like a car, sure you got the nice 2012 model year 6 months ago and then the 2013 comes out. How many dealerships will take your 2012, pull out the interior and engine and then put in the 2013 interior and engine… we’re gonna go out on a limb here and say zero. There are other changes that cannot be “seen” going on as well.

Also, freqphase ONLY changes the monitors, not the JH3A. There is no update, no firmware, etc. The amp still works like it did before, but with the freqphase configuration, it just sounds all that much better.

Hopefully this clears up some of the questions on freqphase, but as always, please feel free to drop us a line if you have any other questions!

Introducing Freqphase

By reengineering how and when sound is traveling to your ear, JHAudio has come up with the newest advancement in in-ear technology, the Freqphase Time|Phase Waveguide.  Freqphase creates the world’s first phase coherent earphone bydelivering the low, mid and high frequencies to your ear in at once.  Everything in sync.  Everything perfect.  Freqphase.

Notice the curves in the chart of the competitors six driver, triple bore IEM. The phase curve is slower in the low end and much faster across the mid and high frequencies.  The result is a phase curve that is shaped like a ski slope.

Now, look at the JH16Pro phase curve with the Freqphase waveguide.  Although it is a few degrees out in some spots it is relatively flat and very phase coherent.  This makes a huge difference in the soundstage and imaging, especially anything panned and mixed between 10 and 2 o’clock.

Available for the JH13Pro, JH16Pro and JH16Pro +JH3A.