Backstage with JH Audio: Kevin Glendinning

Kevin_GlendinningLadies and Gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to Kevin Glendinning, JHAudio Endorsed Monitor Engineer, world-travler, die-hard Bears fan and all-around nice guy. Kevin was born in the NW burbs of Chicago and then spent 14 years jumping around to; NYC, Maui, Dallas and LA before finally coming back to call Chicago home once more. Go Bears!!

These days, Kevin is busy out on the road with Maroon 5 but we were very lucky to get a few min of his time to respond to some of our questions via email.

Here is the Q&A we did with him.
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Backstage With JH Audio: Cam Beachley

Recently we got to catch up with monitor engineer/ninja, Cam Beachley, while out on the Carrie Underwood tour. Cam has been a mainstay at the monitor desk for several years. Just a few of his happy clients include; Peter Frampton, Keith Urban, Demi Lovato and for the entire length of her career, Carrie Underwood. Not a shabby resume!

Cam gave us a little feedback on his experience with JH Audio and some quick thoughts on the JH16 w/ freqphase technology.

Which Custom Ear Monitor Is Best For Me? Part 2: The Signature Series

In Part 1 we started talking about which custom monitors are best for you depending on what you play and what you want to hear. The JH-5PRO through the JH-11PRO will take care of pretty much anyone out there, but as we all know…. there are those of us who just need to have it all! This is where the Signature Series of the JH-13PRO and the JH-16PRO come in. We like to call them the “Monsters of the Stage”. Why? Well everyone else who has tried to accomplish 6 or 8 drivers per ear monitor has, well… not been up to par let’s say. These two models also offer the Freqphase time|phase WaveGuide. We took and re-invented how drivers their sound bores are matched and installed and in the process created a sound so exact, so phase correct that it’s putting the industry on end.

The JH-13PRO

Dual Low, Dual Mid, Dual High w/ passive 3-Way Crossover
Sensitivity: 10Hz – 20kHz
Response: 116dB @ 1mW
Price: $1,099.00

The JH-13 is the world’s first 6 driver ear monitor. It offers a wide frequency response, with increased headroom and dynamic range with virtually zero distortion. Oh and did we mention it has 6 drivers PER EAR??!! If you are looking for incredible clarity (who of us isn’t) then these are the ear monitors for you.
Here is what CNET had to say:

Harvey’s done it again. The performance gains in clarity, detail, resolution, and stereo imaging are huge — the adrenaline-pumping sound of the music you love over a set of Harvey’s headphones can’t be matched by any other in-ear ‘phones.

Guitarist will love how the tone of their amp comes through these beats. You don’t spend days and weeks perfecting your sound only to have it squashed, mashed and distorted in a lesser ear monitor. Drummers, it will feel like you have nothing in your ears. The kick of your drum is full, the snap of your snare is tight and the air of your cymbals will be mesmerizing. Think we might be over building them a little, just read the reviews.

The JH-16PRO

Quad Low, Dual Mid, Dual High w/ passive 3-Way Crossover
Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 118dB @ 1mW
Price: $1,149.00

The JH-16 is the world’s first and finest eight driver ear monitor. (notice how we got to say first on both of these?) The quad low frequency drivers (comprised of 2 dual-driver units) offer lower distortion, increased headroom and greater detail and accuracy. Here is what Pooch, FOH Engineer for Linkin Park had to say about them;

“The JH16 Pro freqphase IEMs are a game changer.  In-ear monitor engineers will revel in the ability to reproduce record quality mixes for their artists.  They will place instruments with pinpoint accuracy, and never run out of headroom.  Artists will be able to turn down because of this accuracy.”

Basically these monsters will handle ANYTHING you toss at them and beat it into a smooth, silky and refined sound reserved for only the finest of studio reference monitors. Guitars sing, vocals are crisp, drums thump, your keyboard will amaze you!
Are they worth it, you bet they are. Just ask anyone who has used them on stage.

Well that covers the custom ear monitors that JH Audio can provide you with. We hope this helped out a little. As always, please drop us a line if you have any questions!

Which Custom Ear Monitor Is Best For Me? Part 1: The Classic Series

Last fall we did a series on “Are they REALLY All That??!!” and talked about why you should look into custom ear monitors, why they will help and touched on which models are best for you at certain stages of a musical career all the way from your Mom’s mini-van to a full out tour bus setup.

In this first part we want to talk about the JH Audio Classic Series, which includes the JH-5PRO through the JH-11PRO and get a little more in-depth about what each model can provide and what it cannot. So let’s jump into this…

JH5 Pro
Drivers: Single Low, Single High w/ a passive crossover
Sensitivity: 119dB @ 1mW
Response: 20Hz – 17kHz
Price: $399

The JH-5 is the original. It’s the design that put Jerry Harvey & Ultimate Ears on the map back in the 90’s and still today, it’s a serious contender. A dual driver setup is by a lot of standards, still a go-to of the touring musician. It will give you a good overall sound, but will lack some of the mids and extended ranges that a monitor with more drivers can provide. Drummers, bass players and those who need bass should NEVER go lower than a dual driver.


JH7 Pro
Dual Low, Single High w/ passive crossover
Sensitivity: 124dB @ 1mW
Response: 20Hz – 17kHz
Price: $699.00

The JH-7 is THE longtime touring standard and workhorse of the JHAudio lineup. It’s a built to be a very neutral sounding monitor with exceptional headroom. It’s going to give you a little of everything with out too much seasoning. Perfect for any musician or vocalist.

The JH-10x3PRO

JH10X3 Pro
Single Low, Single Mid, Single Low w/ passive 3-way crossover
Sensitivity: 119dB @1mW
Response: 20Hz – 17kHz
Price: $799.00

The JH-10×3 is probably the best “bang for the buck” out there on the market today. So want to hear everything in balance? You want to hear your voice, the strum of the guitar and the kick of the guitar singing in harmony? You want this triple driver, 3-way crossover setup. It’s going to take anything you throw at it and it will sound good! Guitarist and vocalists will love the clarity of the mids and sparkle in the highs. Drummers will love the snap they get out of their snare and the crash of the cymbals…. ya know, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

The JH-11PRO

Dual Low, Single Mid, Single High w/ passive 3-Way Crossover
Sensitivity: 119dB @ 1mW
Response: 10Hz – 17kHz
Price: $850.00

The JH-11.. well these babies rock!! Tuned  and tweaked by “The Man” himself with hand selected drivers that were worthy to carry the JH Audio brand. Others may have an “11”, but it’s not THE 11! This is going to give you the full smoothness and range that the JH-10X3 provides with a little extra “junk in the trunk”… and yes we ARE into that kind of stuff. Accurate and Clean are the best words to describe the 11. Just about any musician will love putting these in their ears each time they get on stage. You may even forget that you have them in your ears the sound is good, but don’t forget to play while enjoying the sounds from the rest of your band.

You may (or not) have noticed that we did not touch on the JH-10PRO. Well there is a good reason for that. The 10 was designed from the ground up more for the high-end personal listening/audiophile crowd. While it does provide exceptional sound quality, we just do not recommend it for stage performing.

We hope this helps you out some, but as always, please do drop us a line if you have questions about what is best for you!

Next time we will jump into the JH-13PRO and JH-16PRO.. the Monsters of the Stage!