Backstage with JH Audio: Daughtry

The Artist: Daughtry

The Event: Jim Beam Live Music Series

The Gear: JH7Pro

Whew! Jim Beam knows how to throw a concert. From support act Safetysuit to headliner Daughtry, the rock was brought and it was brought loud and hard! The venue probably had to have some ceiling tiles replaced after the show. Energy was the theme and Daughtry delivered.

The American Idol Season 5 4th place finisher has had many scratching their heads why he did not win, but he is also credited with blasting the door open for the ‘rockers’ on the show and there has been a steady increase of ‘rockers’ on the show. No, complaints here. I mean come on we have Steven Tyler as a judge now days!

Daughtry’s latest project, Break the Spell, is his best project to date for sure. It’s always fun to see an artist get better as they go along and not crash and burn after their Freshmen project. Give it a listen and if possible, make sure to catch his show in your area. We’re pretty sure you’ll be happy you did!

Daughtry and his band use the JH7Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor. The dual low, single high frequency setup gives you the sound you need without the “snap-crackle and pop” of distortion.


Backstage with JH Audio: Celtic Woman

The Artist: Celtic Woman

The Event: North American Tour

The Gear: JH11 PRO

We had the amazing opportunity to hang for an evening with Celtic Woman while out on their North American Tour. This was such an amazing show on so, so many levels. The production is some of the best out there that we’ve seen! Their music and showmanship is second to none. If you ever get the chance to catch a show, we highly recommend it. If you think you’re not into that “style” of music, we think you’ll be surprised!

Their current album “Believe” is a beautiful collection of modern and classic masterpieces with a Celtic twist. For more information, check out their website.

Here is a video we put together from the interviews we got. We think they like us!

Backstage with JH Audio: The Fray

The Place: Red Rocks Amphitheater

The Weather: Fog, Rain & Cold

The Band: The Fray

The Occasion: Closing night of the Spring 2012 Tour

The Gear: JH11 w/ Ambient Vent (Isaac), JH16 the rest of the band.

Not many artists can pack out back-to-back shows of a 9000+ seat outdoor theater in the cold and rain AND have the crowd excited about it like The Fray. Some were calling them the “rainy day band” that night and it’s true. The Fray have done this more than once at Red Rocks. A few years back they had a torrential downpour occur during the show and the harder it rained the louder the crowd got. Some staff that night were comparing it to the now infamous 1983 concert and filming of “U2: Live at Rocks“. Unfortunately they swore to never play Red Rocks again after that, here’s to hoping that NEVER happens with The Fray! Continue reading

Get Some!

Yeah that’s right…we’ve got a blog now!! Ok, Ok, we might be a little late to the party, or maybe we just wanted to let the others “try” and then swoop in and SMASH their feeble attempts at blogging coolness like a limp boat on the Bering Sea being battered against the rocky shore during a vicious winter storm (ever seen Deadliest Catch, yeah like that, but worse).
So what can you expect from us? Well of course you’ll get the inside scoop on what is going on at JH Audio, meet our killer staff, video interviews of our artists and shots from their shows we attend and maybe even learn something about sound. What we really want this to be about is YOU! Our community and customers! From rockstars to audiophiles, to everyone in-between. We want to talk about what is going on in the community.

Are you a band with a cool new video or album, let us know! We’ll be keeping tabs on award shows and new “toys” (AKA really expensive pieces of audio equipment that most normal people cannot afford, or should not be eating a diet of Ramen and Gatorade while living in Mom’s basement for a month to afford) that match well with our earphones, or we think is really cool.

So that’s what we have planned. Got some ideas or things you want to see here on the blog? Drop us a line !