Wow!! That’s Loud!

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Alright.. everyone raise their hands who spent the afternoon with either a chainsaw or string trimmer and felt a little “cloudy” or “muffled” afterwards. Yeah, a lot of us. Put your hands down. Now, how many of us have spent the day on an ATV or motorbike in the backwoods and had that “cloudy” or “muffled” feeling afterwards? OK…. put your hands down. Now how many of us  also enjoy listening to music, not just listen, but REALLY listen to the music? Most of us! Did you know you can be damaging your hearing and also hindering your ability to listen to music in a more critical way? Check out some of these numbers below of how loud it can be!

Now here is how long you can be exposed to those levels before temporary damage or hearing loss can occur. Some of these times are VERY short!

8hrs ……………………| 90dB
6hrs ……………………| 92dB
4hrs ……………………| 95db
3hrs ……………………| 97dB
2hrs ……………………| 100dB
1 1/2hrs ………………| 102dB
1hr………………………| 105dB
30min …………………| 110dB
15 min or less ………| 115dB

These numbers should wake ya up a little bit. Mowing the law for more than 30 min can start to cause hearing damage, which could lead to permanent hearing loss… no, that is not a good excuse to get out of mowing the lawn kids, sorry!

So next time you go to take the ATV out or do some yard work, think about what damage you could be causing to your precious hearing and look into some decent earplugs!


Backstage With JH Audio: Cam Beachley

Recently we got to catch up with monitor engineer/ninja, Cam Beachley, while out on the Carrie Underwood tour. Cam has been a mainstay at the monitor desk for several years. Just a few of his happy clients include; Peter Frampton, Keith Urban, Demi Lovato and for the entire length of her career, Carrie Underwood. Not a shabby resume!

Cam gave us a little feedback on his experience with JH Audio and some quick thoughts on the JH16 w/ freqphase technology.

Backstage With JH Audio: Neon Trees

JH_Audio_Neon_TreesThe Band: Neon Trees

The Event: Offspring/Neon Trees Fall Tour

The Gear: JH16 PRO

We meet up with the Neon Trees while on the road with Dead Sarah and The Offspring in Denver, CO at the historic Fillmore Auditorium. It was quite the show to say the least. Opening act Dead Sarah is one to watch for.. kind of an “Amiee Mann sound” and come on.. The Offspring, still pretty fly for some white guys!

We spent some time hanging out on the bus with the guys before the show and they are really excited about their endorsement with JHAudio. Now to some it might seem weird that the Neon Trees were an opening band when they are a headliner so often, well it was a hard gig to pass up according the band.

Their latest album, “Picture Show” has some pretty catchy tunes on it.

Here is their latest video “Lessons In Love”

What IS A Balanced Armature, pt 2 The Guts & The Glory

In our last post we touched on what a balanced armature is and how it works. Next we thought we’d get some feedback from Jerry “The Man” Harvey on why he chose balanced armatures over dynamic drivers and how they superior in this application.

So the big debate of which is “better”…. well it really depends on the application. If you think about it who would want a full size headphone filled with 362 balanced armatures to give you the same punch in the low end and warmth in the mids (settle down, settle down, we know some of you are wondering how this can be done…pixie dust!). Honestly it cannot, well and not sound good at least. Balanced armatures NEED a good seal to create the lows and sound stage you desire. That’s where the lows come from, isolation (yet another reason why custom earphones are THE way to go, but we’ll get to that in another post). Just like dynamic speakers are the “go-to” for headphones, speaker enclosures, etc. Those type of applications allow the cone to move and get the air it needs to produce the sound it was designed to do. They just work better in that application.
I mean, who doesn’t want the speaker setup from Back To The Future??!!

One thing you should remember though is, NO ONE can tell you what sounds “best” in that application, better than your ears. Always approach a listening session with an open mind.
Here are some of the pros and cons of balanced armatures and dynamic drivers that we heard from Jerry.

Dynamic Drivers
Pros: Warm mids, good low end response, lower cost
Cons: Low input sensitivity, distort too quick (unless in a tuned enclosure), different response in each ear and no extension above 5k.

Balanced Armatures
Pros: High input sensitivity, repeatable responses, fine tuning possible within a small enclosure, with a dual driver setup dual driver you have a faster response, 3dB volume increase before distortion and the phase curve flattens out over single or dynamic setup.
Cons: cost, requires multiple units to get full, deep base

For stage use, since the goal is to provide a clear and accurate sound, a balanced armature driver would be better since isolation is the name of the game. Blocking out that external sound allows you to hear only what you need to and at a lower, safer volume. (Hence the reason we here at JH Audio use them) With a dynamic driver you need a “vent” for the lows to be produced properly. This “vent” then allows stage, crowd and room noise to effect what you hear. It can also “kill”certain frequencies that need to be added to your mix if possible.

So which is better. Depends on your application, but for ear monitors the clear winner is balanced armatures.

Backstage With JH Audio: Linkin Park

The Band: Linkin Park

The Event: Honda Civic Tour

The Gear: JH16 PRO

We caught up with Linkin Park and their crew while out on the Honda Civic Tour featuring Linkin Park, Incubus and MuteMath. First off…. what a KILLER line-up, so props to whomever put this show together. The production alone was a mind-boggeling display of lighting, video screens and pyro.. who doesn’t love PYRO!!!???

The guys played a great selection off
their new album “Living Things
and some of their long-time-crowd-pumping anthems like One Step Closer, to close out the show.

We had the opportunity to hang with their monitor engineer Kevin “Tater” McCarthy before the show and here is what he had to say about JH Audio, the products and level of service he and the band get while out on the road.

Make sure to check out Linkin Park’s latest album Living Things. The “Deluxe Version” features a few killer live tunes as well!!

Backstage With JH Audio: Anthrax

The Artist: Anthrax

The Event: Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival

The Gear: JH16 PRO

It was a humid, slightly overcast late July day in Tinley Park, a Southern ‘burb’ of Chicago. The sun was hot, the bands were hotter…. OH and the beer was cold…thanks again Joey & Frank! This year’s lineup included monster acts like Slayer, Motorhead, As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Pradra, Slipknot and the godfathers of thrash metal… Anthrax! 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Joey Belladonna, lead singer and Frank Bello, bass player of Anthrax before their set and they were kind enough to give us some feedback on what they thought about JH Audio and their custom ear monitors… your check is in the mail boys! 😉

Make sure to check out the latest project by Anthrax, Worship Music



Hearing 101: Concerts (Hearing is Enjoying)

Who doesn’t love a good loud concert??!! Your ears that’s who! The average concert can reach levels above 110dB and at that level you can start to incur irreversible hearing damage in as little as 30 min. Yes everyone’s ears are different, but let’s think safety first. Most shows we’ve been to last longer than 30 min and an all day music festival could be trouble for your long term hearing.

So what can you do to make sure you are able to enjoy a life-long obsession with concerts? Simple.. wear earplugs!!!

There are several different options out there; crushable foam earplugs that you toss away after you use them, higher quality foam that can be used a few times, silicone or rubber earplugs that can be used for a longer time period or you could go all the way with custom earplugs. Sure, they all have pros and cons.

Foam Earplugs
Pros: Cheap, usually easy to get at most stores or even events.
Cons: Most people do not put them in correctly so they are not getting the advertised hearing protection. Can (should) only be used once.

Silicone/Rubber Earplugs
Pros: Can be used over and over and usually can be cleaned easily.
Cons: For a lot of people they require being placed deep into the ear canal and can cause discomfort due to the materials used.

Custom Earplugs
Pros: Highest level of comfort and fit each time. With proper care, can last for years. Different filters available so you can adapt to your environment or experience.
Cons: Can be more expensive or difficult to get.

At JH Audio, we’d love to help relieve some of the ‘difficulity’ of getting custom earplugs and help you enjoy concerts for the foreseeable future. We have Audiologists and Authorized Dealers all over that can get your fitted and taken care of. Check out our custom, soft material earplugs that will last for years (with proper care) and will provide you the levels of protection needed to keep your ears happy! If you are having trouble finding someone near you, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand!