Meet Thomas Reid: JH Audio Los Angeles Office Rep


West Coast Represent! Have you been to our LA Office yet? No? Well you should. Meet Thomas. He handles all our friends on the west coast from his office in the Centerstaging Artist Relations Building. As another part of our on-going desire here at JH Audio to be where the music is, we setup shop in LA a few years back and from the feedback we’re getting, it has been good!
We did a Q&A with Thomas so that you can get to know him more!

1) Where were you born? Los Angeles

2) Who is/are your favorite artist/band(s)? Marvin Gaye/ George Harrison/ Radiohead

3) When did you start working in the music industry and what was your first job? 2003. Assistant Tour Manager

4) Where did you go to school to learn about sound or the industry?  School of Hardknocks. Learned as I went along

5) What other jobs have you had in the music industry? Tour Manager/ Road Manager/ VIP Ticketing

6) Have you ever worked directly for any bands/artists before coming to JHAudio? Yes Hilary Duff

7) What JH Audio Custom Monitors are you currently using? JH 16’s. Only the best

8) What is your favorite color? Black

9) What services do you offer at your office? Do you make “house calls”? Molding, Demo Products. Everything you need to get started.

10) Where is your office located? Centerstaging Artist Relations Building Burbank

11) What are the hours at your office? Any. But Normal 10 am to 7pm


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