Meet Chris Torri: JH Audio Nashville Office Rep

Chris Torri @ ConsoleAs things continue to grow here at an exponential rate for JH Audio, we’ve expanded our reach and locations to better serve our customers. We thought it would be cool to take a few minutes and introduce Chris Torri, who runs our Nashville office to you. He’s been with JHAudio for a little over 6 months now and we’re really happy to have him on board! We did a little Q &A with Chris over email this week to share a little about him and the office he is managing for us.

Where were you born? Cleveland, OH

Who is/are your favorite artist/band(s)? Grace Potter and the Nocturnals; Michael Buble; Mumford and Sons; Adele

When did you start working in the music industry and what was your first job? 1998 I worked for RCS, a regional sound company. I was an Audio Engineer for the company. We provided sound for national touring bands and corporate events.

Where did you go to school to learn about sound or the industry? Or did you learn everything as you went along? I learned as I went. I started mixing sound in 1995 and progressively learned from there.

What other jobs have you had in the music industry? I have nearly done everything except artist management! From truck driving to rigging and everything in between. I love this business and strive to be better than I currently am in all facets of this business.

Have you ever worked directly for any bands/artists before coming to JHAudio? I am currently the Production Manager and Monitor Engineer for Jake Owen. Additionally I have always worked in the audio field in one capacity or another. I was with Jason Aldean for 5 years as his FOH engineer. Prior to that I was Monitor Engineer for Richard Marx, I filled in as Production Manager and FOH engineer for a European Tour also.

What JH Audio Custom Monitors are you currently using? I have been using Jerry’s ears for 7 years now. Currently I am enjoying the JH16’s.

What is your favorite color? Black…. I’m crew after all!

What services do you offer at your office? Do you make “house calls”? The office can offer on site impressions and demo’s on an appointment basis. In a “non‐ professional” capacity we have TV for the casual viewing of concerts, games or whatever fits your fancy. Additionally we have been known to have an Xbox on hand for some COD or BF3 action! We try to keep the office chill and a place to escape the grind of all day rehearsals.

Where is your office located? We are at the Soundcheck rehearsal and storage facility inside the Tour Supply location. We are on the second floor of their office. 750 Cowan St Nashville, TN 37207

What are the hours at your office? I try to make myself available Monday thru Wednesday. This time is flexible based on my touring schedule.

Next time we’ll introduce you to Thomas in our L.A. office!… yeah we have one there too!


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