Backstage with JH Audio: Kevin Glendinning

Kevin_GlendinningLadies and Gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to Kevin Glendinning, JHAudio Endorsed Monitor Engineer, world-travler, die-hard Bears fan and all-around nice guy. Kevin was born in the NW burbs of Chicago and then spent 14 years jumping around to; NYC, Maui, Dallas and LA before finally coming back to call Chicago home once more. Go Bears!!

These days, Kevin is busy out on the road with Maroon 5 but we were very lucky to get a few min of his time to respond to some of our questions via email.

Here is the Q&A we did with him.

JHAudio: Who is/was your favorite artist or band?

Kevin: To work for” Alicia Keys was great. Justin Timberlake was a lot of fun as well. I’m currently out with Maroon 5 and they are a really great camp too! As far as what I listen to? Whomever is signing the check! In my off time I listen to AM Sports Radio.

JHAudio: When did you start working in the music industry?

Kevin: I was always in bands growing up and in high school. I just sort of gravitated towards the audio side of things when we would play shows and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. That led to getting accepted in to Columbia College in Chicago and taking some sound reinforcement and acoustic classes. From there I mixed bands at bars and became a staff technician at dB Sound which led to me touring the world as a monitor tech looking after some big time engineers. AC/DC, Metallica and The Rolling Stones were my 1st few jaunts and I learned the world of concert touring. From there I went independent shortly there after and have been on that path ever since leaving dB Sound.

JHAudio: Have you always been a monitor engineer or did you have other jobs in music?

Kevin: Always mixed monitors. On a few occasions on “one-offs” i have had to be out front but it is certainly not for me. I’d rather keep the band happy on deck then mix for some idiot in the audience who is going to write a bad review about the audio who has never flown a speaker box or spun up a knob a day in his life. It really is one of those crafts that unless you have been there in that seat you really have no right to speak or critique one’s work.

JHAudio: What bands/artist have you worked with?

Kevin: Let me see what I can recall here (going in reverse chronological order here) Maroon 5 – Black Eyed Peas – Alicia Keys – Leona Lewis – Lenny Kravitz – Justin Timberlake – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Audioslave – Weezer – Gwen Stefani – No Doubt – Babyface – Pete Yorn – Deftones – Jay Z – Rolling Stones – AC/DC – Metallica (every Chicago bar band you have never heard of).

JHAudio: What JH Audio Custom Monitors are you currently using and what other models of JH Audio Custom Monitors have you used?

Kevin: I always go with the JH13‘s, they are my “go-to-ace-in-the-hole” IEM. I did get JT on a pair of JH16‘s however and he loves them! He likes the extended low end and calls them “the very best IEM fit he has ever had”, and he’s had about 20 sets in his career.

JHAudio: What makes JHAudio Custom Monitors stand out in terms of sound quality?

Kevin: The detail and definition is remarkable. It’s almost too good, hahahahahaa! Jerry’s crossover tuning is spot on. He has never come out with a IEM that I felt was unbalanced or swayed too heavily in one area.

JHAudio: Have you heard the new Freqphase models and what do you feel is the difference?

Kevin: Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and I received a set last month, we did a hard swap on them and never looked back. He is very happy. I tend not to change product too often if things are running smoothly. I need to do a bit more A+B with the two to give a more in depth analysis to be honest. {We look forward to hear what Kevin has to say after he’s had more time with them}

JHAudio: How do you feel about the service you get from JHAudio while you are out on the road?

Kevin: The absolute very best! Zac, Corbyn, Angie, Brit & Jamie, they’re all great over there. Good friends and trusted colleagues that JH family!

We’d like to once again thank Kevin for giving us a few precious moments of his time and we here at JHAudio do love our family of engineers!!


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