Custom Ear Monitors: Are They REALLY “All That”??!! (Part 1)

You see bands using them all the time (or hopefully they are), but is the investment really worth it and should you take the plunge on going “all in” or work your way up?

Let’s look at few different scenarios and figure out what is best for you and your bandmates. You obviously need the money to make the purchase and you need to make sure your band is ready for them… ah the most important part. Is your band ready for them? Let’s be honest, not everyone is ready or needs them. Wait! What? Not everyone needs them? Aren’t you a company that sells ear monitors? Yes, but the short answer. No, not everyone needs them. There are times where hearing protection is a better way to go then a full on custom ear monitor.
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Yeah, We Got Cables!

We’re totally stoked that our new cables built specifically for smart phones and security radios are here!

Our Smartphone Mic Cable is built with our 48″ braided cable and allows you to use it with any of our Custom Monitors on either iPhone or Android devices. It has the basic features of voice control and play/pause. The Smartphone Mic Cable is available for $54.95

We also have a new Security Cable for Surveillance Radios. It features a medium duty two-wire cable with lapel microphone for plug and play use with our Custom Monitors.
These are built to work with Motorola and Tait radios. The Security Cable for Surveillance Radios is available for $125.00

Fozzy Releases New Album Sin and Bones

JH Audio Featured Artist Chris Jericho just released a new album titled Sin and Bones with his band Fozzy. Some have already called it their “Black Album” in reference to the standout album from Metallica.. not a bad compliment.

The album features 12 heart pounding, guitar shredding tracks sure to get ya going, including the EPIC 11:34 in length “Storm the Beaches”!

Give it a listen and don’t forget to catch Fozzy on the Uproar Festival. They are playing the Jagermeister Stage in most cities.

Sin and Bones - Fozzy

Backstage With JH Audio: Anthrax

The Artist: Anthrax

The Event: Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival

The Gear: JH16 PRO

It was a humid, slightly overcast late July day in Tinley Park, a Southern ‘burb’ of Chicago. The sun was hot, the bands were hotter…. OH and the beer was cold…thanks again Joey & Frank! This year’s lineup included monster acts like Slayer, Motorhead, As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Pradra, Slipknot and the godfathers of thrash metal… Anthrax! 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Joey Belladonna, lead singer and Frank Bello, bass player of Anthrax before their set and they were kind enough to give us some feedback on what they thought about JH Audio and their custom ear monitors… your check is in the mail boys! 😉

Make sure to check out the latest project by Anthrax, Worship Music



JH Audio Artist of the Month: Chris Jericho

The Person: Chris Jericho

The Group/Profession: Fozzy (lead singer) & WWE Champion

The Gear: JH16Pro

The Album: Sin and Bones
(releases Aug 14th)

Half heavy metal rocker, half WWE pro wrestler.. all Chris Jericho! The Canadian-born professional wrestler, rocker, media personality, author, actor and businessman has made quite a name for himself. Check out these impressive stats as a pro wrestler.

Jericho has won 30 championships between WWF/E, WCW, and ECW. He is credited as being the first Undisputed WWF Champion, having unified the WWF Championship and the WCW Championship.

In the WWE Jericho is a six-time world champion, having won the Undisputed WWF Championship once, the WCW Championship twice and the World Heavyweight Championship three times. He is also a record nine-time Intercontinental Champion, and the fourth WWE Grand Slam Champion. Yeah, not to shabby.

As an artist Jericho has release 4 studio albums; Fozzy, Happenstance, All That Remains and Chasing the Grail and one alive album, Remains Alive, with his band Fozzy since 2000. He also hosts his own weekly metal show, The Rock of Jerico on XM Radio, channel 164.

Fozzy will be out on the Rockstar Uproar Festival this fall along with powerhouses Shinedown, Godsmack, Papa Roach and Staind. Might be a lineup you don’t want to miss!