Hearing 101: Concerts (Hearing is Enjoying)

Who doesn’t love a good loud concert??!! Your ears that’s who! The average concert can reach levels above 110dB and at that level you can start to incur irreversible hearing damage in as little as 30 min. Yes everyone’s ears are different, but let’s think safety first. Most shows we’ve been to last longer than 30 min and an all day music festival could be trouble for your long term hearing.

So what can you do to make sure you are able to enjoy a life-long obsession with concerts? Simple.. wear earplugs!!!

There are several different options out there; crushable foam earplugs that you toss away after you use them, higher quality foam that can be used a few times, silicone or rubber earplugs that can be used for a longer time period or you could go all the way with custom earplugs. Sure, they all have pros and cons.

Foam Earplugs
Pros: Cheap, usually easy to get at most stores or even events.
Cons: Most people do not put them in correctly so they are not getting the advertised hearing protection. Can (should) only be used once.

Silicone/Rubber Earplugs
Pros: Can be used over and over and usually can be cleaned easily.
Cons: For a lot of people they require being placed deep into the ear canal and can cause discomfort due to the materials used.

Custom Earplugs
Pros: Highest level of comfort and fit each time. With proper care, can last for years. Different filters available so you can adapt to your environment or experience.
Cons: Can be more expensive or difficult to get.

At JH Audio, we’d love to help relieve some of the ‘difficulity’ of getting custom earplugs and help you enjoy concerts for the foreseeable future. We have Audiologists and Authorized Dealers all over that can get your fitted and taken care of. Check out our custom, soft material earplugs that will last for years (with proper care) and will provide you the levels of protection needed to keep your ears happy! If you are having trouble finding someone near you, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand!


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