JH Audio Artist of the Month: Karmin

KarminThe Group: Karmin

Who: Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan

The Gear: JH16Pro

The Album: Hello

Never heard of Karmin? What, you live under a rock or something? The YouTube cover group sensation-turned EPIC recording artist Karmin are our Featured Artist of the Month for June.
To properly understand the buzz around these two, let’s go back to “where it all started” with a little cover they did of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” which has a measly 66 million views…. and counting! 😉

Yeah, not bad for a white-girl-born-in-small-town-NEBRASKA??!!

Nick and Amy met while students at the Berkley School of Music in Boston, MA. Both had their hand at working with some top level artists, but soon found out their real joy came from making music THEIR way and what a way it’s been! Their debut album “Hello” has garnered some major props from industry members, fellow artist and the public. They even performed on SNL and The Ellen Show this past Spring.

“A few months ago, we were sitting in our living room with a wooden box and a guitar just writing raw music, now we’re performing on Saturday Night Live and getting ready to release our debut album,” Amy marvels. Adds Nick: “I remember Amy’s dad once saying that the only CD he’d ever bought and run home from the store to listen to was by The Beatles. We want our music to have that effect on people. We want to shake things up.”

Check out more of Karmin’s cover tunes on their YouTube Channel: Karmincovers

Want to know more about Karmin, where they are on tour,etc? check out their site: karminmusic.com


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