Backstage with JH Audio: The Fray

The Place: Red Rocks Amphitheater

The Weather: Fog, Rain & Cold

The Band: The Fray

The Occasion: Closing night of the Spring 2012 Tour

The Gear: JH11 w/ Ambient Vent (Isaac), JH16 the rest of the band.

Not many artists can pack out back-to-back shows of a 9000+ seat outdoor theater in the cold and rain AND have the crowd excited about it like The Fray. Some were calling them the “rainy day band” that night and it’s true. The Fray have done this more than once at Red Rocks. A few years back they had a torrential downpour occur during the show and the harder it rained the louder the crowd got. Some staff that night were comparing it to the now infamous 1983 concert and filming of “U2: Live at Rocks“. Unfortunately they swore to never play Red Rocks again after that, here’s to hoping that NEVER happens with The Fray!

The set lasted a little over 2 hours and it was packed with classic tunes along with a hefty helping from their latest project Scars and Stories. The production alone was worth the price of admission (the discoball ball was AWESOME). During the closing number you could see the raw emotion and thankfulness the band had towards the crowd. Lead singer Isaac Slade was choked up more then once and the crowd joined him in a few tears of joy. This is the crowd that put them on the map. This is the crowd that gave them those early chances to play and play anywhere and they were proud of their “little local band that could”!


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